[gardeners] amaryrillis

Seana Ames (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:51:20 MST

Hey Everyone,
If anyone out there is interested in Amaryillis or Paperwhites Garden.com is 
having a sale on both.  The amaryillis are running about 5$ or 6$ apiece & 
the paperwhites were only 3$.  I want some so badly but when grandma passed 
away she left about 40 of them to Mom & I, that we have to move outside in 
the summer & back in in the fall.  They are beautiful & well worth the 
effort but I only have so much room inside.  The only person I have ever 
heard of killing one is my Aunt.  She was fighting cancer & so was home alot 
& didn't have much to do - she took to watering the one we sent her about 
once a day & it rotted!  She is in remission now so doesn't have time to 
water the new ones we sent her anywhere near so often so they're still alive 
& well.  Maybe I can justify just a couple you know for a homeschooling 
project.  The kids can take notes on how much theirs grows everyweek & 
whatever else I can think up.  I think I talked myself into it.  Shhh don't 
remind me that I have 20 or so around the house already that they could use.


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