RE: [gardeners] Who's out there?

Seana Ames (
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:20:45 MST

How neat that you were able to come up with your business there!  I'm not 
sure Dominica sounds like the area I'd choose to live but it sounds 
wonderful to visit.  What a beautiful place you have chosen.  I suppose 
you'd have to do quite a bit of research to find out exactly what does well 
there.  It looks like your doing a super job though.


My name is Jean.
I live on the Island of Dominica in the Caribbean.
They say the Zone is 10.
My husband and I came 2 years ago to fill a teaching position at a new
I am a Montessori teacher. The school was not ready to offer Montessori so
we found another business. We bought a piece of land with cabins and started
to rebuild them. It has taken quite a few months, 5, and a lot of hard work
but we have just opened.  Check out our web page at: as you can see we have 
many tropical gardens and a filled
We grew up in Pennsylvania, moved to Maine for a few years, then off to
Charleston, South Carolina.
We like to garden and Ron enjoys (?) setting up the watering systems.
This zone 10 is particularly new to us. We are throwing all caution to the
wind and planting everything we can get our hands on even though the local
folks tell us that some things won't grow here. My daughter, Tiana, is here
with us for a few months and, therefore, we put her in charge as she is an
experienced, knowageable landscape artist and gardener. We are yet to
discover and uncover ALL of the gifts that the land has given us. Each day
we find something new. More and more vegetables are taking and with the sun
and rain (we are in the Rainforest---14 degrees longitude.) they are growing
like crazy. It is an added benefit to have the vegetables in the greenhouse
and outside for us to figure out which works best. I expect it will take us
a few years to learn all about the vegetation here. We put in some
blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, four different types of grape vines just
to see what will grow here. Next, we would like to try a fig tree and some
olive trees. My husband is a chef so food has been a passion for us. We
serve all the food we gather from "the bush" plantains, bananas, tanya,
dasheen etc. to our guests, family and friends.
Our younger daughter, Juliana, is finishing her last year of collage in
Prague but was here with us over the Christmas vacation.
I have rambled on but want to thank you all for your insights and

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