Re: [gardeners] Where I garden

Dan Dixon (
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 13:05:57 -0600

George Shirley at wrote:

> Saw several posts here from folks letting us know where they garden and
> live so thought I would chip in.
> Anyone else out there?
> George

I'm out here. :) Like a lot of listers, I go into deep lurk mode in the
winter, but you'll no doubt see me posting questions/replies once the
temperatures begin to rise. I came to this list after hearing it mentioned
repeatedly over on the "Gardens" list. My wife Corinne and I have about 3/4
acre just south of town, in an area called Crieve Hall. The yard is plenty
for us, our 4 year-old daughter Hanna, and our six cats. This past season
was pretty discouraging for us due to severe heat/drought, so we are
anxiously awaiting the next growing season and hoping it will be better.
We're rounding up our seeds and will be starting them indoors soon, so it's
almost here. I'll be tilling up the beds this weekend so Corinne can start
her lettuces, and to help reduce the overwintering pest populations. I'm
getting ready to build a bigger shed to replace the 8x12 that is currently
packed to the gills with accumulated toys (tiller, mowers, power tools,
etc), and there'll be a potting room on that. When time allows, that is. I'd
go down the list of things we grow, but I'm supposed to be working. I am
anxious to see if my yellow lady slippers and trilliums weathered the
drought, though. When the drought spoiled our outdoor gardening, we
satisfied ourselves with aquatic gardening in our 45g aquarium. I discovered
a list called Aquatic Plants Digest and we've been having great fun with a
whole new realm of plants and growing techniques. Now we want to put in a
garden pond to expand on it. Droughts be damned!  :)

Well, duty calls. Back to lurking.

Dan Dixon