[gardeners] Where Do I Garden

Byron Bromley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 09:10:19 -0500

I 'm up in the Granite State, Spent 3 years digging out granite rocks and
stones, I think I could fill one of those 40ft dirt trailers with stone I
took out. Some I took a air-hammer and an air compressor to break up some
big bones . Trying to get about a foot deep 20ft by 60ft.
     I'm with George with feeding the soil with manure and compost, I get 1
year old mink manure, My cost for 3 yards delivered is a pint of chile
peppers. I compost this for another year.
    Chem fertilizers, I keep my nitrogen around 5 and phosphate around 10.
Used only when I have plants in trouble.
    I have a well so I also use soaker hoses to conserve water and reduce
    Bug control, I am sort of an IPM'er, Bilogical, organic, Jerry Baker and
light touches of Monsanto when they get really out of hand.
    Hand my first tomato patch in 49, Use a Merry
Tiller front tinge tiller made in 49,  Paid $25 for it in the late 60's, A
few oil seals for under $20 and cleaned up the motor,  Replaced 1 motor.
    I sell about 400 chile pepper plants at the flea mkt in the spring,
Helps finance my garden. I swap 1/2 doz chile plants with a landscaper for
all his 1 qt and 1 gal pots.
   At the moment my garden is covered with 20in of white mulch and frozen 2
ft deep. Starting some chiles from seed this week.
   My gardening in mostly veggies.

BTW the hot air from politicians doesn't help warm things up, It makes a
chimney effect and brings in more cold air, -50F to -30F wind chill around
here for the last month.

Latin: Poli = Many
           tics = Blood suckers