[gardeners] roses leafing out

Seana Ames (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 08 Feb 2000 06:56:28 MST

Does anyone have any idea what to do if your roses leaf out too soon?  Dumb 
things!  I got them last year.  They weren't even what they were supposed to 
be, but I liked the color & scent of 2 out of three so I let them stay & now 
they are leafing out.  Of course maybe the roses know something I don't but, 
it is only February.  We usually get a bunch of snow in February & some in 
March, April & maybe even the beginning of May, too.  I have this feeling 
they're going to be dumped on.  It's either that or we're in for a drought 
this year.  I have lots of used guinea pig shavings at the base for mulch.  
It has been quite warm but, I read an article from High Country Gardens 
Catalog saying that the mulch would keep the ground cool.  Supposedly if I 
keep everything mulched it isn't supposed to come up to soon.  Since I let 
them stay I'd rather not lose them now.  I wrote to White Flower Farms ( 
expensive, expensive, expensive but they have a beautiful catatlog & 
excellent quality.  I only splurge there once in a great while. ).  I 
thought I would see if anyone here had some experience with this kind of 
thing though.

Thornton, Co
Zone 5
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