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<< In hindsight, if Ann wants to  plant peas next year, maybe she should mail
 order the seed ahead of time, just to be sure. >>

Yep, This would save me some searching.  Problems come when I end up with $50 
worth of seed and only $5 worth of space to plant it.  The beans I planted 
this last week were purchased for the 1997 season.  So far 3/4 have come up.  
The rest may have, but a local cat decided my nice bed was a good litter box. 
 Then there is the golfball I found planted in there too.  My own dog may 
have helped.  I have an awful problem holding myself to only what I need when 
I get into the catalogs.  I still have a couple of unopened pkgs of seed from 
1997 stored in the frig.  Off to Walmart I go, for some seed for this coming 
winter season.  

Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

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