Re: [gardeners] Seeds

George Shirley (
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 08:59:54 -0600

Byron Bromley wrote:
> Around here all seed suppliers get their seeds in just after Jan 1st, If you
> are observant and frugal most of them also have a 20% to 25% sale price for
> Jan and Fed. IE In the Northeast Agway brand seeds are on sale at 25% off.
> NE Seeds are on sale for 20% off.
> For older seeds, I have had good luck germinating 5 year old Seranno, amish
> paste and brandywines. 0 luck with onions, shallots and parsnips.
> Byron

I planted some 7 year old seeds early in January, they all germinated.
They have been sealed in packages in the refrigerator all of this time.
As for cheap seeds, Walgreen Drugs here has seeds on sale for ten cents
a package and they're year 2000 packed. Mostly common veggies and
flowers but what the heck, ten cents is pretty cheap. By mid-march they
will be selling them for five cents a package. Big Lots, a remaindered
goods store, will be selling name brand seeds for ten cents a package
too plus fertilizers and potting soil at about 75 percent off the retail
price. Last year I bought an entire pallet of potting mix, Hyponex
brand, in 40 lb bags at 1 buck a bag and they loaded it on my truck. You
just gotta shop around and keep an eye out for the bargains.