[gardeners] Wednesday in the greenhouse

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 17:19:43 -0600

Went out into the greenhouse for a few hours late this afternoon. Took
the tomato seedlings that I germinated and grew in my light setup in the
office. They're all nicely repotted in 6 inch pots now with a bit of
long-lasting fertilizer in with them. Pinched off the bottom set of
leaves and buried them up to the next set. 

Yeah, yeah, I know. Probably going to be another light frost before true
spring but I can maintain 40F in the greenhouse without much effort.
Long range forecast (10 days) for here calls for nothing less than 50F
but up to 80F in the daytime. The greenhouse shelters the plants from
drying winds and allows them to get more heat than they would in the
house. Just have to be careful to open the door before the interior
temps hit 90F or better. If worse comes to worse as heat goes I can put
a 20 inch box fan on a hook made for it just inside the top of the door.
Raises the pressure enough in the greenhouse to open the louvers at the
other end enough to get a cross flow of air through there. I have gotta
get to the Home Depot and get a new fan and motor for that end of the

The chiles (peppers) are about 5 or 6 inches tall now but not quite
ready to go out yet. Need a lot more soil warmth than is there. The two
Thai Hot plants I left in the garden are blooming again! The Longhorn
and the paprika in the greenhouse are not only blooming but have fruit
from little buds up to 4 inches long. I think I'm going to like
overwintering chiles and tomatoes in there each year.

Sleepy got locked out in the front this afternoon while Miz Anne was
carrying the potted bougainvillea to the front. Neither of us missed her
until I heard her bark and went looking for her. She was lying at the
drive gate with her nose stuck through the wire wanting in. Good thing
she's not one to wander away or is it good that I taught her to stay in
her own yard. Anyway she was mighty glad to be back in the bosom of the
wolf pack and has stayed close to me since, laying on my foot taking a
little nap as I type this. Gotta be more careful or someone will try to
steal her. We've had a rash of dog thefts in recent months and the
police speculate someone is selling them to either pet shops or illicit
labs. Gonna keep Sleepy in the yard from now on.

George, tired but happy - Life is good