[gardeners] Bastrop Co. Gardening

Allen Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 13:37:18 -0600

Hi All,
    I am here to testify that one can operator a rear tine tiller on hands
and knees.
    I have just finished tilling up the garden plot nearest the house, 125'
x 55', on hands and knees because of my back problems. I am determined to
have my garden!!
    I still have my creek garden plot, 65 x 90 that needs tilling. I am
going to ask my neighbor to till it for me with his tractor. It has a box
tiller attachment that goes like wildfire. We couldn't use it in the old
garden, it has too many cross fences from penning our Emus on it since June.
They do a pretty good job of grass clean up and as a bonus, fertilizer.
Chicken manure is pretty good fertilizer so I figure Emu manure must be
also. 'Course there is a sizable difference in size of droppings!
    I'm going to cut and treat my seed potatos tonight with wood ashes. I
usually let them dry for a couple of days before I plant them.
    Our weather is terrific, temperatures in the high 70's to mid 80's, but
no rain to speak of. Volunteer tomato plants are already appearing along the
garden border. Is it really just February?
    Happy Gardening,
    Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
    Zone 8
    I won't tell you that it doesn't hurt some. It do! I'm fortunate enough
to have sandy soil and good pain medications. The combination is unbeatable.
The doctor has me on Oxycontin, Lortab, and Cyclobenzaprine. I can't legally
drive anymore, heck I can't hardly drive illegally either.{;-)
    I still have to row the garden up, since I didn't have a rowing
attachment for my Dad's tiller.