[gardeners] Allottment/Community Gardens

Sharon Gordon (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 09:46:19 -0500

Our area has a chance to set up allotment gardens and I'd like to get 
advice from
people who could steer us in good directions.  I have some questions about
topics we have already thought of  and would also welcome thoughts on things
we forgot to ask :-).  Information on your area's set up as well as any changes
you might prefer would be helpful.

1. What is the usual size of your allotment garden?

2. Is there an annual fee?  If so how much?

3.  What sort of sign up process do you have?  How do you manage your
waiting lists?

4. How do people access water for their garden?

5. What sort of events do you have each year for the gardeners
     (educational, social, competitive)?

6.  What sort of rules do you have for the use of the allotment plot?

7.  Is there an area where people can get compost or mulch?  If so, how
      is this created?