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Mon, 28 Feb 2000 23:53:28 -0600

Here is a copy of a post on the gardentalk list. We have been discussing some herbal
remedies of late. I hope this helps someone here.

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>   ---  Ya know, that Arnica I have been putting on my shoulder is really helping!
After a >few days of use I "thought" it was feeling better, but you never really know
if it truly is or >if you want it to work so you think it is!  Know what I mean??

(G.) ......  I sure do, and I'm really glad it has helped you. I was interested in
noting a post from the WRP list recommending MSM cream, which I also had recommended
to someone else quite some time ago, saying it had helped her shoulder and neck
spasms so completely that she couldn't believe it. She said she had changed from a
total skeptic to a believer (in MSM at least) because of it. I believe she is a RN.
  Anyway, it's funny how some of my posts have travelled, and I thank God they have
been able to be a blessing to folks. Most local people still think prescription stuff
is the only route.

Okie zone 7a
aka " Ranchmama "
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> George, how do they treat the bursitis? I sympathise with you
> on the pain, for my hubby is suffering right now from the same
> symptoms.
> Is there any other method than long-time-rest as a treatment?
> Penny. NY