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Harry Boswell (
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 22:47:03 -0600

Hey George,

My dad (80YO) had the same problem, couldn't lift his
arms above shoulder level for a couple of years.  Then
he went to a physical therapist (for therapy after his
various heart ailments that had kept him way down).
I don't know what the therapist did, but it restored
considerable range of motion to his shoulders - he
combed his hair for the first time in two years!
Just something you might want to check out.


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> penny x stamm wrote:
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> > George, how do they treat the bursitis? I sympathise with you
> > on the pain, for my hubby is suffering right now from the same
> > symptoms.
> > 
> > Is there any other method than long-time-rest as a treatment?
> > 
> > Penny. NY
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> I take aspirin and use a capacin based cream for immediate local relief.
> I am scheduled to the VA hospital on April 6th for steroid shots
> directly into the bursal sack for more permanent relief. The last time I
> had to have the shots was 25 years ago so they must work for me. I'm
> having difficulty reaching behind me and over my head with either arm.
> Have to carry my wallet and handkerchief in front pockets for awhile.
> George