Re: [gardeners] Panty hose idea #15, need .02

penny x stamm (
Thu, 2 Mar 2000 18:23:55 -0500

Margaret, never occurred to me that the Salvation Army would
accept or sell used panty hose...  I shall have to investigate!

Interesting observation ---:  my female friends and neighbors, 
without exception, wear slacks and only slacks to any and all
functions (including funerals) without exception. They may be
dressy, but they're slacks nonetheless. And with a silk blouse,
it's always acceptible. A dress only shows up at a fancy wedding,
and that's because the gals WANT to wear one. Aren't so many
weddings in my generation, either....<g>...

That means these ladies wear either ankle-hi or knee-hi
stockings, when they are dressed up. Out the window with the
panty hose!  Reminds me of the days of my youth when we
all reached 13, and our mothers got us our first silk stockings. 
AND a lipstick!  Boy, was that a thrill..   

At the beginning of The War, my new father-in-law bought me
6 pairs of silk stockings, advising me that they had to last me
for the duration, whatever that turned out to be. They ended the
war still in their original box, for two reasons. First, I worked for
Uncle Sam the whole 3 years, and pants were fully accepted.
Secondly, when the war ended, nylons had come in, along with
panty hose somewhere in there. By the time I had had five children, 
there wasn't a garter belt sold anywhere which could have fit me.
Good thing life marched on, and panty hose came on the scene!

Today I am blessed -- or is it cursed..? -- with tight surgical hose,
18 hours a day, so it's academic. Even when I dream, I don't get 
dressed up -- I'm usually out in the back yard, scraping ice off of
the pyramid of butter which was stacked there, fussing with the 
engine of the car, and wondering who on earth is that strange man
who wandered over, not saying a word, to assist with the toe-in 
repair, but dressed to the nines....  Isn't the human mind fantastic..? 

Penny, NY

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