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> << What kind of lemon tree have you had
> success with?  >>
> I'd be interested in what one you like the best as well.  We have Meyer and
> I am thinking to add either a Ponderosa, Eureka, or Lisbon.  I want a true
> stron non bitter lemon taste as we use a lot of lemons in cooking.  The Meyer
> is nice but very mild sort of a lemon-orange taste.
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The Ponderosa, while not a true lemon, has a strong, mouth-puckering
flavor but makes an excellent lemonade with the addition of very little
sweetner. We use the juice and pulp in pies and cakes and the zest gets
grated, dried, and is used for teas, etc. I had a Meyer, frozen back
several years ago, and liked it but it did have a very mild flavor. I'm
not familiar with the others so can't comment.