[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 08 Mar 2000 18:07:24 -0600

Boy, am I tired, but feeling good anyway. Wonder if I'll ever get all
this dirt out from under my fingernails.

Planted green beans, cranberry beans (drying), cucumbers, edible gourd,
tomatoes, bunching onion seed, and eggplant today. Tomorrow I will get
the chiles in the ground. Probably will wait awhile to plant the okra,
corn, and Florence Fennel.

Tomatoes we planted are: Early Large Red, Hungarian Paste, and Burbank.
Planted Ichiban and Louisiana Long Green eggplant. National Pickling and
Marketmore cukes. Kentucky Wonder bush green beans as they have done
well for us in the past.

Gonna go pick up a load of composted pine bark tomorrow, one cubic yard.
It's gonna get mixed with about a yard of composted horse manure and
wood shavings and then it's gonna fill the cinder blocks we put around
the garden and get tossed down the middle of the rows and into the herb

Long range weather forecast for here says no more frost or cold and the
next 10-14 days we're supposed to have highs in the seventies and lows
in the mid-sixties. The plants can handle that.

The garden was turrible dry when I was digging big holes for the big
tomato plants so have the soaker hoses running really slow so the water
will all soak in.

The tomato seed was started under the lights in mid-January and today,
March 8th, the plants were 30 inches tall and had blooms. Buried them in
deep, long holes in the garden and pinched off all the lower leaves.
About 12-18 inches from the bottom up was buried and the upper part
staked immediately. The dog watched this all very intently, as though
she was deciding how high she would have to stand up to pick herself a
'mater. Only caught her doing it once, that was on a Yellow Pear, a
little one. She does help herself to boysenberries and blueberries that
are down low enough to reach but I don't mind. She does keep the mocking
birds out of the garden, mostly.

Gonna go take a shower and put my feet up.

Life is good.