Re: [gardeners] Re: Cornichon

Seana Ames (
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 17:40:44 MST

Dear Ms. Pickle Maven,

Do you have a good pickle recipe you could share?  The kids & I tried both 
dill & sweet pickles last year & they just weren't quite the same as Great 
Grandma's or anything else I can think of either.  They were so "great" we 
still have all but one or two jars.  uhg!  Any advice would be greatly 
appreciated, too.  Anything has to be better than what we did last year.

I read earlier that you usually plant around Memorial Day.  I thought it was 
interesting that we only plant a couple weeks earlier - usually Mother's Day 
Weekend.  Anytime sooner & they are either snowed or frosted.  The kids 
usually get me herbs to plant that weekend.


Oh no, George -- you cannot change a nylon pockebook into
a pig's ear == no amount of vinegar would convert a sweet
pickle to a regular pickle.  Take it from a pickle maven, it's
out of the question.

Penny, NY

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