Re: [gardeners] Re: Hummingbirds and mealybugs

Ron Hay (
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 12:37:36 -0800

Hi, and thanks for your input. I will try that this afternoon, first. The problem with
the nest is that it is attached to the face of one of the leaves in the most
heavily-infested areas. I am also afraid of blasting the mealy bugs all over the other
plants in the area.

Normally, mealybugs don't attack anything we eat, and I feel reasonably safe in using a
systemic. Not in this case.

A fellow from our local nursery recommended pyrethrin, some of which I bought. One can
use that right up until harvest, which means I can use it on our blood orange this week,
which has its first ripe fruit ready to pick:)

I can also use this insecticide to attack red spider mites on the citrus and the black
nasties on the artichokes. It is reputedly much safer than malathion, as this new-to-me
insecticide is made from chrysanthemum extract.

Thanks again for your kind suggestion.


bsk wrote:

> Like most other things out there can't you try blasting the vine with water from the
> hose and avoiding the nest?
>      Sometimes just a good bath will be a big help. After that maybe a nice little
> soap and water in a spray bottle directed away from the nest will help.
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> > Problem: during this recent spate of rain, when we
> > our passion fruit vine became infested with nasty white mealy bugs, causing the
> >leaves to turn sickly yellow and fall off, further spreading the nasties with every
> gust of >wind.
> > > How can I both maintain our lovely passion fruit vine, which is Vivian's pride
> and joy and spare the humming bird nest and its (as of yet unseen) inhabitants.
> > > Ron