Re: [gardeners] Pyrethrum

George Shirley (
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 12:40:29 -0600

margaret lauterbach wrote:
> At 10:39 AM 3/17/2000 MST, you wrote:
> >Penny,
> >I do believe that sounds like a good one for the kids to check during their
> >home schooling time.  I'll let you know what they think.  I love it when
> >real life math comes up!
> >Seana
> >
> I've got a couple for you. How do you mix 1:100? And ask them to figure out
> square footage of a roof on an ell-shaped building in order to buy roofing
> materials? How many cubic yards of concrete should they order for a
> sidewalk from the driveway to the house? How high must George jump to clear
> a lawn chair? Margaret L

No, no, your last question should read, "How big a snake must you throw
on George in order to get him to jump clean over a lawn chair?" If you
don't ask the question properly all I will do is sit down in the lawn