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Allen thank you so much for this description!
I think I can now figure out what I have in my pastures. I do have some berry bushes
usually no more than knee high. They are not on canes it is more like a vine kind of
thing. This sounds like your dew berries.
     I also have berries on a cane that can get waist high but are droopy sometimes.
I am guessing these are just plain blackberries.
     This is the best definition I have seen of these berries. May I please share
them with the gardentalk group?

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From: "Allen Merten"
>    we too are looking at a bumper crop of Dew
> Berries. They are a close relative of Blackberries. Dew berries have a more
> low growing habit, usually close to the ground unless something gets in the
> way. The Dew Berry Vine will then climb over or onto the object it reaches,
> like a fence, fallen limb, low growing shrub, etc.
>     Black Berries that I am familiar with are more upright with thick canes
> that grow up, out and then arc downward.
>     Both berries are a Southern favorite for pies, jellies, jams, toppings,
> juice, and wine. The berry is sweetest and juiciest early in the morning
> when the "dew" is still on the ground. Ripe stage is black. The berry starts
> out green, changes to red, red & black, then black. I like to mix some red &
> black berries with the ripe black ones for a little tart taste to go along
> with the sweet taste of the ripe berries. Ratio of 4 cups of ripe berries to
> 1 cup of partially ripe, red and black berries.
>     Allen, famous maker of home made Dew Berry pie
>     Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
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