[gardeners] Hot Sauce recipe

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 07:37:46 -0600

Depending on the amount of sauce you want to make you're going to need a
crock or very large jar. I use two one-gallon crocks and make it in two
batches. Both crocks have covers but you can cover with a plate if

Pick and wash your peppers, preferably at the red ripe stage. Put the
peppers through a food processor and whiz them into small pieces, don't
liquify. Fill up a crock and put three tablespoons of pickling or kosher
salt on top. Then sprinkle about a third of a cup of 5 percent white
vinegar over that, being sure you cover the top well. This helps to
prevent mold. Put the crock lid on and leave the peppers to ferment for
up to one year. Tabasco leaves them three years but I don't have a salt
mine to keep them in. Check your crock frequently to see if mold has
started. If it has you can scoop it out and add a little more vinegar to
hold it down.

The trick with the peppers is to get nice juicy ones, don't wait until
they start drying on the plant.

Once you have decided your sauce is ready you can either strain the
seeds and skins out or whiz it all in a blender. I use a food mill and
throw out the seeds and skins saving only the pulp and juice, makes for
a nicer sauce. Measure the amount you have and add vinegar to equal
one-third of your pepper pulp and juice. Mix well and let sit another
week to mellow. Then you can bottle it. Be sure your bottles are sterile
just to be on the safe side.

If you want really hot hot sauce try using habaneros. Did that one year
and no one could eat it except my daughter-in-law. Friends in Minnesota
said they left the open bottle in the living room and their furnace
didn't run all winter. I think they were kidding but am not sure. I used
the one bottle I had to mix bug spray and the little devils gave up
their lives in one gasp when sprayed with it.

If anyone has further questions drop me a note.