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David G. Smith (
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 20:09:20 -0500

Ha, you can tell that by looking at the lawn, too.  I didn' t know they had
those qualities, I just wanted something to grow on that fence.

I was about ready to give up on corn myself, then they got that dog.  I
complained at first about how she'd come up to the fence and bark at me, but
now I see it as an advantage.

We're east of most everything, in Delaware.  I don't remember ever seeing
any hummingbirds in our neighborhood, though I have seen them at Longwood
Gardens, just a short drive away.


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> David,
>     The Coral Honeysuckle and Trumpet Vine are definite proof that you are
> not a member of the convert the earth to one big lawn bunch.(;-} Those two
> vines are some of the best for attracting Hummingbirds and butterflies of
> all sorts.
>     My dad has just about given up growing sweet corn because of the
> squirrels and raccoons. He has an old dog that is almost deaf. I guess the
> squirrels and 'coons take advantage of him.
>     We have squirrels in the woods that borders both sections of my
> I don't know why but the squirrels leave my garden alone. They certainly
> help themselves to the black oil sunflower seeds from the feeders. The
> to go directly past the gardens in order to reach the feeders.
>     David, are you east of the Mississippi, and see Ruby-throated
> Hummingbirds or are you west and see a variety?
>     I can tie vegetable gardening and Hummingbirds together too. I was
> picking tomatos early one morning in order to beat the summer heat. We had
> heavy dew that morning. I saw a Humming bird taking a bath in the dew that
> had collected on the leaf of a sweet corn plant. I had never imagined that
> there would be enough dew on the leaf of anything so that a bird could
> bathe.
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