Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the garden

Jane Burdekin (
Sun, 2 Apr 2000 18:20:43 -0600

Yes, Sunday in the garden.  I cut about 20 daffodils and 3 hyacinths whilst
I ran around in my down coat with the snow flying.  Actually the day
started out pretty well, almost 50 degrees then it started around 12:30
p.m.   I did see a row of raddishes poking thru before the day turned cold.
 I did close the cold frame, expected to get to 25 F tonight.  Hope you are
staying out of the way of those tornados down there.   


> Started out this morning by transplanting a couple of peppers and the
> Orchid Tree I've been growing in my office under the lights. Put them
> all in gallon pots and then out to the greenhouse.
> After that I took my Mantis tiller over to a friends house and tilled
> his front 40. Actually it was a four by eight raised bed he had filled
> with leaves, compost, old potting soil, and some top soil he had. Tilled
> up nicely. Also took him four pepper plants to inaugurate the new bed.
> He still has six pepper plants producing that I gave him last spring.
> He's been eating sweet peppers all winter and the plants are now covered
> with blooms, little and big peppers.
> Back home Miz Anne and I cleaned out two short beds by the west fence.
> We grow calendula in the them during the winter to hold the soil as
> there is a slight slope there. We planted 24 pepper plants and 3 more
> eggplant along that fence. 
> In the herb garden I planted green and purple basil and seeded some
> chamomile too. Tomorrow we pull some more calendula so we can plant a
> little block of sweet corn and a bed for okra. After that I think we may
> be done for awhile.
> Now for the good news - we had a really nice soaking rain for about an
> hour late this afternoon. According to my rain gauge we got about an
> inch of rain and no hail. TV said there was large hail east of us and
> I'm glad it didn't hit us.
> We're all showered and cleaned up now, including Sleepy Dawg, and are
> resting for another day tomorrow.
> Life is good.
> George