Re: [gardeners] lettuce seeds

margaret lauterbach (
Mon, 03 Apr 2000 06:49:53 -0600

At 09:36 PM 4/2/2000 PDT, you wrote:
>Dear list,
>  I sowed lettuce seeds about 2 weeks ago -- and nothing has come up at all. 
>  Not one little old sprout to hope on.  I put them in prepared soil, kept 
>them damp each day - plus we had some good rains - I've never tried lettuce 
>seeds before and am now wondering if someone with more experience than I 
>could offer me some suggestions? They weren't in a cold frame, just out in 
>the garden.  Temps here have been 40 - 60 range, in general.  I put out red 
>sail and simpson elite seeds.  Any thoughts or words of wisdom?
>  Carolyn

This time of year, birds are starving for fresh greenery. If your lettuce
wasn't covered by floating row cover, birds may have eaten it. I'd replant
and cover. Margaret L