Re: [gardeners] bursitis relief

George Shirley (
Fri, 07 Apr 2000 07:15:07 -0500

penny x stamm wrote:
> George, your VA medical center sounds right on the mark!  I'm
> so happy that you already feel relief -- if you have the will
> power to do the exercises, you should retain this improvement
> for a very long time . . .
> My hubby, Jimmie, has been -- well, I would say ripping some
> diseased low junipers out of the ground which have a 15 year
> foothold. There is a huge and beautiful dark crabapple tree
> spreading over the area.  His approach is to lop off the juniper
> branches (which are interlocked in every direction) so he can
> get a steel hook around the heart of each plant.  Of course, the
> hook is attached to a steel wire with another hook at the opposite
> end which gets slipped into a towing hole under the car. The
> idea is to back off the car, and drag the bush with you. It usually
> does not work. I say that's because he has removed the branches
> which would have forced the hook to get a secure hold. He says
> nonsense!  Anyway, I've been driving the car backwards on
> signal, but when I was not available today, Old Jim brought out
> the pick-axe, and went to work.  Out came a bush, then another,
> but uh-oh, there went a major root of the crabapple, and then
> another...... .. ..  and I could hear Jim moaning, "I think I'm
> developing tennis elbow!"
> The neighbors all come over to try to persuade Jim to hire some
> help, but he won't hear of it for a minute. He tells them, "I eat like
> a horse, I sleep like a log, and I'm only 78, so what's the rush...?"
> George, I sure am glad you're feeling better!
> Penny, NY
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Shoot Penny, I'm only 60 and Jimmy's certainly in better shape then I

Yes, I was greatly pleased with my treatment by the VA. I had 4 years of
going to another VA clinic and hospital and was not pleased. Moved to
the clinic and hospital closer to home and was pleasantly surprised that
the bureaucracy in this system has died. They actually call you Mr.,
treat you with respect, and have timely methods of treatment. From
research I now realize that care at VA facilities varies from place to
place and depends a great deal on how the administrator of that facility
views the veterans. I can advise veterans who live in my area to go to
the Jennings, LA Community Based VA Clinic, and the Alexandria, LA, VA
Medical Center. Both have top notch facilities and people.

I'm glad I'm feeling better too. It was a pain the you know what
sleeping half the night in a recliner because I couldn't lie on either
shoulder. I slept the night through on my right side last night for the
first time since 08/11/99. My diet is helping too, I'm down 15 lbs and
the exercises for the shoulders will help that drop too. I'm also riding
Miz Anne's bike around the block a couple of times a day and, when the
ankles improve, will start walking again. I'm determined to get down to
at least 180 lbs. My blood sugar and blood pressure have greatly
improved with the diet and exercise and I'm cutting back steadily on the

Thanks to all for the support.