Re: [gardeners] steroid injections

Julia A. Baker (
Sat, 08 Apr 2000 16:09:39 -0400

That sounds something like 'trigger point release', only a bit on the
excessive side.  I am currently undergoing therapy for a problem in the
muscle that connects the scapula to the first three vertebrae of the
neck.  They massage for a bit and then push with the thumb at the
tightest point in the muscle.  The pressure is held there for at least
one to two full minutes.  The therapist can feel as the muscle begins to
relax.  The pain is pretty intense and she said it may feel bruised, but
that I should feel better the next day.  Sure enough, I got up today
with almost no pain for the first time in 2 months.  I have to go three
times a week and the trigger point release is preceded by ultrasound
treatments and massage.  Proper therapy should never leave you bruised
and elbows do not have the ability to feel muscle release like the
fingers or hands do.

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