Re: [gardeners] Rain, please go away/stubborn spouse's . .

Allen Merten (
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 01:58:22 -0500

    So sorry to hear about Jim's health problems, and your difficulty in
trying to help him.
    My Dad is working on sainthood, poor man. As you know my Mother has
Parkinson's in addition to being a very willful and stubborn woman. If she
would allow Dad to help her she wouldn't have fallen and broken her arm a
few months ago. If she would follow his advice she wouldn't have had the
many falls that have not produced major injuries.
    Since the last fall a few weeks ago, breaking ribs this time, she has
had psychotic episodes like she did when she broke her arm. She is giving
Dad double hell. He can't keep her in one place for long. She is determined
to cook, now. She hasn't cooked much at all in the last 8 years. Now she
tries to get into the kitchen to cook. He's about to go out of his mind
trying to keep her out of trouble.
    The doctor has offered to give her sedatives, but Dad doesn't want her
to be a zombie.
    Besides his own health problems (severe burns from the radiation
therapy) his only brother had a heart attack, Monday. They discovered my
Uncle has several blocked arteries and diabetes. Tuesday, they did a 5-way
    My Uncle is doing ok at last report, still in ICU.
    Hang in there. I admire you very much for deciding to go with him on his