Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

Ron Hay (
Mon, 01 May 2000 07:40:46 -0700

penny x stamm wrote:

> Ron, in a million years I would never have thought of deer
> enjoying roses!  I presume from your message that they leave
> your garden alone...? This would be because you live in a
> built-up area?
> I belong to a rose group most of whom live in greater L.A.
> They each grow from 75 to 400 roses in their own
> back/front/side yards.  In fact, if they could live in the car,
> and knock down their houses in order to create more space, I
> believe that they would.  And, of course, all of them live in
> residential neighborhoods.
> No one has a deer problem.  Their chief complaint seems to be
> a neighbor problem. People help themselves to roses that
> are growing near the street -- they don't realize that the roses
> are grown for competition purposes, and what gets stolen
> might have been intended for a major contest . . .
> Penny, NY
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Good morning, Penny,

It's wonderful to hear from you again.

Most of our friends who live either in the Santa Monica Mountains or in
the Verdugos, or San Gabriels, or at the foothills leading to those
ranges, all have deer problems. The hills are very dry in the spring,
summer and fall, and the moist vegetation...especially tasty them with much-needed moisture.

We live in the flatlands of the San Fernando Valley, where there is
little wildlife, aside from squirrels, raccoons, possums, and the like;
but in the canyon and hillside neighborhoods, native wildlife is
abundant, a fact which many of those who live in such communities
discover anew, each  year, when thirsty/hungry coyotes come down to eat
their pets, and deer make a smorgasbord of their gardens:(  But guess
who was there first!

Today will be another day of 90ish weather, so I had best get out to do
some garden chores  (spraying for tobacco bud worms on my pellies and
cole crops, culling callas) before a) I need to leave for work; b)
before it gets too infernally hot.

Enjoy spring!