[gardeners] Monday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 01 May 2000 11:56:44 -0500

We got out there fairly early today and mixed topsoil and compost to
fill in the rest of the cinder blocks around the main garden. Miz Anne
then planted lettuce, radishes, marigolds, and nastursiums in the holes.
Along with the two different kinds of everbearing strawberries that
should be right nice looking.

I picked 2.5 quarts of Kentucky Wonder Bush green beans while I was
"resting". They're in the pot now with some onion, garlic, parsley, and
Mexican Mint Marigold. Got 'em on low simmer so they'll be nice and
tender later. The Cranberry beans are starting to fill out. This is the
first time we've grown these so I'm waiting to see how they perform. 

There are about a dozen little edible gourds on the vines, they're about
4 inches long now so should be ready to pick and eat in about a week or
less. Miz Anne picked her a small mess of green tomatoes for her supper
tonight. I reckon I'll dip them in beaten egg and milk, shake in
cornmeal with black and red pepper and a little garlic, and then pan fry
them for her. I'll eat them too but they aren't a favorite with me. The
Early Large Red and Burbank tomatoes are loaded with fruit so we thinned
them a little to help out.

We also emptied the back compost bin today and forked the top half of
the front bin into the empty space. We'll continue to fill it with grass
clippings, garden clippings, etc this summer. The compost that we took
out was earthy smelling, fine sized, and a beautiful dark brown. Makes
you wanta roll around in it. :-)

Gotta go eat some lunch and then off to Home Depot.