Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

Ron Hay (
Mon, 15 May 2000 07:25:07 -0700

George Shirley wrote:

> Today Miz Anne and I both doped up with Deepwoods Off and it held the little
> devils off. They still buzzed around us but didn't land.
> George

Hello, all you tasty morsels:(

I, too, am a mosquito magnet. Vivian didn't believe it when we were first married,
but has seen ample evidence during the course of the past 32 years.

What seems to work for me (i.e. 95% of the time!) is stuff called Jungle Juice
that one obtains at backpacking/mountaineering stores. It's active ingredient(s)
is(are) something abbrevieated as DEET. This repellent was developed for use in

I have used it often, especially around the high mountain lakes in the Sierra,
while backpacking, where Vivian and I are two of the only warmblooded mammals
larger than a marmot for miles around. Needless to say, I am a veritable lightning
rod for mosquitos. As soon as I approach, they zero in on me. Out comes the Jungle
Juice and that seems to keep them at bay, at least until I sweat it off climbing
up the trail.

This is the best stuff I have ever found, after years and years of backpacking in
the Sierra, where swarms of mosquitos lie in wait at every little seepage.