Re: [gardeners]Sunday in the garden

penny x stamm (
Mon, 22 May 2000 02:21:16 -0400

Hi, Lucinda -- don't know just where I might put it, but I'll 
keep my eyes open at the nurseries for the spirea....  
I did not realize they were so hardy..! 

While my hubby, Jim, was out at a computer meeting today, I
popped into the car and returned to the nursery where I had
bought all those other bushes last Thursday (which still are
sitting in the yard enjoying the non-stop drizzle.....)..   I KNEW
I would never be able to lift up the particular rhodie which I
had my heart set on (Consolini "windmill", cherry red and
white large flower tresses) so I commandeered a yard boy 
to come and fetch it.  Of course, he simply lifted it up and
stuck it on his shoulder -- and was I jealous!  Then I did a
very naughty thing:  I broke a promise to myself that I would
never again buy another rhodie 'purple gem' (looks like a
blue-flowered azalea) because  they are the devil to keep
alive...  but the price was right, and besides, buy 3, get one 
free was too much to resist. 

So after a terrible struggle to get the big rhodie into the car, 
I took off for home. Now, if you've ever seen a funny scene 
before, this one took the cake. What that strong boy could 
hardly get into the car, little old lady me was determined to get 
OUT of the car, and before Jimmie could spot me....    How many 
blossoms did HE knock off..? And how many more did I...? Dunno..  
However, with a will of iron and the brain of an imbecile, I really 
did finally get that huge bush out and down, and then over a foot 
to the curb, and finally, up into the empty flower bed...Whew...!!  
I cannot actually lift it up off the ground, but I can rock the 
container, and sashay it over to where I want it.  I do have a 
wonderful hand truck which will help me get it over to the proper 
site, but the clincher is going to be getting that tub off the bottom, 
and then actually placing it in its hole.  I actually got the mailman
to help me once, and the garbage man another time, and I even 
got a neighbor's gardener to carry a big hollowed-out rock out 
of the car and down to the back wall for me -- but who's left..? 
Somehow I  cannot picture the United Parcel delivery man 
helping me plant a rhodie . . . .   We'll see... 

Penny, NY

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