Re: [gardeners]Sunday in the garden

margaret lauterbach (
Wed, 24 May 2000 09:06:54 -0600

You're absolutely right about hiring off duty firemen. My Daddy was a
fireman, and they are special fellows. If Jimmie likes muscular women, you
ought to be watching Third Rock from the Sun. A young woman on there has
biceps most men would kill for. She probably thinks she has no fat on her
body, but her big boobs are just fatty tissue. Nothing she could do about
that. Still, the escort service might be fun...Margaret L

At 01:55 PM 5/23/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Margaret, there's an interesting aside to this hiring problem ---
>I latched on to a fireman who does carpentry as a sideline about
>6 years ago, when my house suffered incredible damage from 
>an ice storm -- he happened to be the brother-in-law of the fiance
>of my son-in-law's brother (gulp!) and he opened new horizons
>for us . . .   I then hired his fireman friend and neighbor to replace 
>my roofing, and he continues to come to clean the gutters since
>Jimmie's so wobbly with the 30 ft ladder. After that came the 
>fireman with a mini-back hoe, who did septic tanks. Then we 
>got the fireman who specialized in shower leaks.....  My original
>fireman brought his cousin, the Canine Corps local policeman, 
>to lay fresh insulation in my 100 ft long attic, after that ice
>storm.  And then they did the 130 ft driveway sealing for me, 
>and added extra electrical wiring for outdoor lights.  
>They're ALL superfragilistic-something-calidocious guys
>who are polite, extraordinarily neat, prompt, and my heart's
>delight.  If I ever moved to a new community, I would knock
>on the firehouse door and ask for some help, for sure.
>The problem I have with planting the shrubs is Jimmie's
>die-hard effort to consider himself still capable of climbing
>Mt.Ranier.  Neighbors and even strangers stop to beg him 
>to hire someone to shovel the snow -- and gosh, even the
>garbage men mother him -- last week, after one week away
>in St.Louis, we had 14 barrels of lawn clippings to send to
>the county compost.  The men returned three times in one
>day, to remove the stuff...!  (Usually, when there's a backlog, 
>Jim lifts 3 barrels into the trunk of the car, and brings it up
>to the dump by himself, making as many trips as necessary.) 
>One of these days I am going to find him slumped in a heap
>in the driveway, I know it. But he will not be stopped.  He says
>to me, "I'm not 78, I'm 50. And that's that." 
>However, Margaret, it is v-e-r-y tempting to call the escort
>service . . . . . .  
>Penny, NY  
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