Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 28 May 2000 15:55:32 -0500

Good point, I haven't noticed any pollenators to speak off out there. The cukes
are making little tiny fruit and then turning yellow so I may need to do some
pollen dances. I suspect the hollow tree that was cut down a few weeks ago over
on the next street may have been where the bees had been living around here.
I'll try a little sable brush from a stash I know of when it gets cool tonight.
I'll also be quick to say "Margaret told me I could." <VBG>


margaret lauterbach wrote:
> >
> >Picked a few tomatoes, three or four Ichiban eggplant, some NZ spinach, and a
> >bit of chard. Still no edible gourds, don't know what's wrong with them. The
> >gourds come on good, get about 4 inches long and as big around as a ballpoint
> >pen and then fall off or shrivel up. The chiles are blooming like crazy and
> >setting fruit but only a few are getting ready to use. The Large Cherry and
> >Margaret's Rista Red are loaded with fruit and I hope they ripen soon.
> It's been
> >so dry that the Thai Hots turn red and dry out the same day. I'm reduced to
> >picking them at night.
> >
> >
> >Life is good.
> >
> >Lonely George and Sleepy
> >
> George, about your gourds. Rodale's Garden Problem Solver says that when
> that happens to summer squash it's because of overwatering. Can't you shake
> your fist at the heavens? Guess it didn't do Beethoven any good either. I
> wonder, though, are your male blossoms blooming? You might try pollinating
> the female blossoms with a tiny paint brush (don't use one of Anne's good
> brushes, she'll kill us both). Might help. Margaret