Re: [gardeners] Banty Hens

George Shirley (
Wed, 31 May 2000 21:04:37 -0500

Game chickens are where fighting cocks come from. I've raised them before and
the hens and biddies are pretty even tempered. The males tend to joust for
territory as most male critters do. They do eat a lot of bugs.


Allen Merten wrote:
> Margaret,
>     I lost your reply in the clutter in the message about me seeking a
> grasshopper eating critter for my garden. Thanks for the information about
> the Banty Hens. A lady in the area has, she says "about 200 Game chickens".
> I gave her a bunch of tomato plants earlier this spring. She promised to
> give me 20 or so Game chickens of various ages. I suppose they would be as
> well behaved as Banties.
>     She was supposed to bring them over Memorial Day weekend, but company
> showed up.
>     Allen
>     Bastrop Co., SE Central TX
>     Zone 8