Re: [gardeners] Cauliflower

George Shirley (
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 20:54:57 -0500

I think the highest peak in Louisiana is maybe 40 feet. I've nearly always lived
on the Gulf Coast so never saw snow until I was 18 years old and the Navy sent
me to the East Coast for duty. I sure as hell saw lots of it over the next 3 or
4 years. Surprisingly it was easy to drive in, sorta like driving in mud. It
snowed here in February 1988 and people were running out to play in it. I stayed
in and watched them in.

George, winding down after a long day at the salt mines

John Harman wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, George Shirley wrote:
> > Well John, you beat me to it again. I do the same thing here in SW Louisiana,
> > only I take the outer leaves and pull them up over the curd and fasten it with a
> > spring loaded clothes pin. How's winter down there in Upside Down Land?
> >
> > George
>         We've just had a good taste of it with snow and freezing temps. I
> usually get one snow fall here in winter, that may stay on the ground for
>  a day or so. It really doesn't get cold here compared to the US or
> Europe. Lots of Australians have never seen snow. We actually get
> Sydneysiders ringing up to find out if there's snow on the ground, so they
> can come up and see it. :) Even though they're only 3 hours drive away,
> they're at sea level while we are at 3500 feet. Thats pretty high altitude
> for Oz. The highest point in Oz is about 7000 feet. Compare that to the
> Rockies !! :)
> John