[gardeners] dishwashing liquid

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 21:28:37 PDT

Dear Margaret and list,
  Gosh, that was a good tip!  (spraying dish washing liquid onto insect 
infected plants).  I don't have that problem yet, well, at least not with 
ants.  My basil plants are getting pretty "holed" up by slugs... I keep 
forgetting to put the diamaceous earth out around them until it's too late 
and I've already come in for the night.

  I have a quick question:  I'm growing the 'Navaho' thornless blackberry.  
This is their second year with me.  I've noticed that each of them have put 
out a remarkably fast growing tall stalk -- looks like a giant celery stalk 
-- this year.  At least one each, some of the plants have had 3-4 of them.  
I've kept these mystery stalks trimmed to the height of the bush, but am 
wondering -- what the heck are these things?  Male parts? (swear to god that 
is what it looks like) Is it something that I should allow to grow tall?  
They weren't there last year!

  Zone 7a
  Bethesda, MD
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