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Sun, 4 Jun 2000 14:12:04 EDT

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<< Now I've got to dump some dirt in a hole that
 is appearing in the front yard. Probing with my 6 foot steel rod tells me 
 the builder buried a tree stump 26 years ago and it has finally rotted and
 collapsed. Has already taken 4 40 lb bags of dirt and will probably take 4 
or 5
 more to fill completely. >>

George, sure you don't have  the site of an old  dug well? We have one that 
we had filled with dirt 20 or so years ago, that hole keeps on sinking. we 
have to keep adding dirt each year. Sinks in a foot or more. Same with one 
not far from our home. This one is in the driving lane of a main road to 
town. It was filled and then covered over  with asphalt when the road was 
built, runnning through  where a farmhouse etc, once stood. Each year now for 
many years the asphalt  has to be patched in that spot, and I would assume 
dirt or something added first to fill the hole.