Re: [gardeners] Cauliflower

Ron Hay (
Tue, 06 Jun 2000 07:59:55 -0700

Allen Merten wrote:

> Gardeners,
>     I gather the large outside leaves of the cauliflower and ties them
> together like the neck of a bag. I use cloth strips for rags.
>     The old timers called this "blanching". If you don't blanch, the curds
> will turn several colors, purple, green or yellow. They will also get very
> hard and lose flavor.
>     I can't lay the leaves on top of the head. With the humidity here they
> would deteriorate into slime/mush.
>     I have to recheck my cauliflower after wind events to make sure they are
> still tied up.
>     Allen
>     Bastrop Co., SE Central TX
>     Zone 8

Thanks, Allen,

With our low humidity, the leaves seem to be working well to keep the heads