Re: [gardeners] Transplanting trees

Carol J. Bova (
Wed, 07 Jun 2000 21:40:42 -0700

Talk about synchronicity! I just heard a similar story from a radio
garden show over the weekend. It had to do with a fig tree, I think,
that had been transplanted five years earlier, and still wasn't bearing
well. The recommendation was to take a stout stick, and whack all along
the trunk. The reason given was that some trees go into transplant
shock, that can last several years, and the pounding stimulates the tree
to increase circulation and get back to normal growth patterns.

 Carol J. Bova 
 Sunland, CA 

Craig Watts wrote:
> For what it's worth:
> My dad was in construction all his life and back in the early 60's met
> a wise old priest while building a church. This priest would "beat the
> living hell" out of the green branches of a tree he was transplanting.
> His reason was the roots will be severly damaged and could not support
> the requirements of all the green leaves on the upper tree there-by
> reducing the burdant put on the roots.
> Craig Watts