Re: [gardeners] various tomatoes (
Fri, 9 Jun 2000 12:21:17 EDT

Brandywine -- there seem to be various origins so I listed Byron's Brandywine 
as this is the second generations of seeds I grew last year from Byron 
Bromley.  I think he said his seeds were from PA.  Some of the so called 
Brandywine plants I see here in CA are quite different with smaller leaves 
and not such a hearty plant as I have growing.

The Noir de Crimee I am very eager to see and taste as we love purple 
tomatoes and I am told this one is better than Cherokee.  The seeds are from 
a friend in PA. and I think she got the seeds from her family in Belgium.

 Schimmeig Creg - don't know this one.  But we love growing a real variety of 
the cherry types for snacking.  They look so pretty and I make some wonderful 
Heirloom sauce with just garlic, basil, olive oil and the cherries cut in 
half.  Just toss this over ala dente artisanal pasta and wow!  Easy, healthy 
and such a fresh taste.

Have you ever grown the Black Plum?  It sounded interesting so I bough one 

I plan to continue filling in my Excel spreadsheet of Tomatoes including 
taste, productivity, etc., and will pass our findings on to you.  

This year is going along much better than last year which was a dismal year 
for gardening here in the SF Bay Area.  This year I already have many little 
tomatoes, little squash, and peppers.