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George Shirley (
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 17:24:44 -0500

Welcome Stacy: If your library has the Herb Society of America big reference
book it's good for a starter on a herb garden. One I find quite useful is
Southern Herbs by Madeline Hill, has good info on stuff that will grow in a hot
humid climate. Unless DC has changed greatly it's part of the south so the book
should work.

As for the rest just ask questions about what you want to plant and when. Fall
gardening as a start will allow you to improve the soil you have before planting
time, which will probably be August/September in your climate and area. You will
also need to know your heat and cold zone numbers so you can determine the
hardiness of perennials and even some fall annuals. A good web search can really
help you there. 

Virginia has some good ag agents last I heard and Fairfax and Georgetown have
climates like yours. Shoot, Front Royal should be similar too.

If it seems like I'm familiar with where you live it's because my in laws live
in Southern Maryland and I used to be stationed outside of DC when I was in the
Navy 40 years ago. Feel free to ask all kinds of questions, we have members in
lots of places.

George Shirley
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Stacey Marien wrote:
> Hello everyone.  I've been lurking for a couple of
> weeks and thought it was time to jump in.  My name is
> Stacey and I live in Washington, DC.  My husband and I
> have just moved into our first house and there is
> enough space to do some gardening.  I'm a novice
> gardener although my mother is an avid gardener.
> I don't know where to start.  There is space for some
> herbs, some plants, a small raised bed veggie garden
> as well as some containers on the porch.  I live in
> the city, so I guess there are urban concerns.  I
> figure this summer is a loss as far as planting
> things, I thought I would take the summer to map out
> what to do in the fall and for next year.
> I'm a librarian so I like to have reference books as
> well as an organized game plan to follow!  I was
> hoping for some advice from this group as to where and
> how to begin.  Thanks.
> Stacey
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