Re: [gardeners] Ron, how true the animals know!

George Shirley (
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 10:27:32 -0500

The squirrels are looking for nuts they buried last winter. They buried so many
acorns in our garden and yard that this spring we could have made a lot of money
if oak sprouts sold for a dollar a piece. Still finding the @#$%^ things coming
up here and there. At least burying acorns kept the tree rats out of the bulbs,

George, still giggling over Penny's bath trauma

penny x stamm wrote:
> Oh, I don't know about that, George. I still hate squirrels and
> rabbits. The squirrels dig swirly little holes all over the lawn,
> and it can't be for burying nuts in the month of June, nor can it
> be for grubs, which are not in residence.  And the rabbits eat
> the veggies down to nubbins, darnit!
> You know what we have left in Jim's vegetable garden...?
> 2 artichokes, 6 tomatoes, and 2 string beans.  Period.  It
> measures about 10 x 30 ft.
> Penny, NY
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