[gardeners] Saturday in the garden (written a day later)

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 02 Jul 2000 09:21:10 -0500

Saturday we got the backyard mowed and weed whacked and went on to picking
stuff. Got 9 nice Ichiban eggplant, several Burmese okra pods, 18 ears of corn
(not bad off a patch 30 inches wide X 10 feet long), a double handful of chiles
and a small amount of elder berries. Next it was time to weed the herb bed and
thin the going wild Greek Oregano. Took out a 3-gallon bucket of oregano which
has been washed and is now air drying in the kitchen. Next it goes into the
dehydrator for later use. There is still more to thin and harvest but we're
taking today off.

Both of us were very tired after an intensive several hours in the garden,
luckily interrupted by rain showers that kept the day reasonably cool.
Reasonably being anything below 90F. While it was raining I worked on the
measurements and bill of materials to enclose the carport and turn it into a
garage. It doesn't look like it will be terribly expensive so my friend Sam and
I will probably start on it in September. Get the garage blocked in and then
start laying 12X12 ceramic tiles in his large den. Eventually he will take the
tiles through the kitchen, dining room, front hall, and the small office he has
by the front door. Lots and lots of tile but should be fairly easy if taken in
stages. We have big dreams and have been to Home Depot University several times
learning how to do the things necessary to fulfull those dreams. Not much else
for two old semi-retired f**ts to do is there?

Hope all enjoy the Fourth of July weekend and also hope you remember what it
means to all US citizens. Celebrate safely and leave the fireworks to the

George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg