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Wed Jul 05 17:40:21 2000

<<Did something good with the tomatoes. Ever notice how they out-grow those round tomatoe cages? Well I took two of those tri-fold square cages and laid them across the tops of the round stand up's. The plants grew right up
thru and "fell" over the top I had laid out. Very sturdy and supporting the plants well. Kinda looks like a tomatoe hedge. With my long arms harvesting is not a problem.>>

My father made the best tomato cages that are still very usable 20 years later.  He would take 6' high 6" grid rebar and form a circle making a lock bend at each row to permanently hold them together.  A 50 foot roll makes about 18-20 cages.  It runs $50 at HD here in CA.

RE:  Thai Hots or Thai Dragons which hang downward and are our favorite chile are a wonderful addition chopped up to stir fry veggies or in all Thai cooking.  I also grow the Thai Basil which is so fragrant and lovely in Thai food.