Re: [gardeners] What is it with me and beans?

Annetta Green (
Sat, 8 Jul 2000 09:41:26 -0400

Recipe please!?

Sounds wonderful.  I used to be able to get the kids to eat any vegetable by
calling them silly names.  They loved little green trees.  Little green
beach balls were well received.  Even white brains were well loved with
cheese sauce.  Even spinach was a hit, 'cause Popeye ate it.  If we grew
them it was even better.  Now the only thing they will all eat consistently
is asparagus (spears of God) with cheese sauce.  Other than in spring the
price is a little prohibitive.  Not only that I can't find them all the
time.  It all started when they started eating at friends homes and they
started coming here.  I hate 6 year olds and their honesty.  Now at 10 and
11 not much in the green dept gets eaten.  The oldest at 15 has grown out of
this so I do know there is hope, but even he won't always try new things.
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26

I'd rather be gardening
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> 2  of the 5 of us refuse to eat green beans.
> >Anne in FL
> Anne, you'll have to try some new ways for fixing those green
> beans!  For instance, a dish which is called "Dry Cooked String
> Beans" is a Chinese home favorite, and delicious. It's called
> Dry Cooked because there is neither oil nor broth used in the
> pan.  There is, however, minced pork. Yummy...!
> Penny, NY
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