Re: [gardeners] Re: Sams CLub

donna warren (
Mon, 31 Jul 2000 06:34:21 -0700

At 06:31 AM 7/31/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I found a long time ago that Sams Club averages about $100 per hour! LOL
Also in the
>OKC area the Sams Club is good enough, telephone talents are nil. One thing
for sure
>always check to make sure your ticket doesn't have something extra on it. I
>several time found that 3 pkgs. of bacon turned into 4 of something silly
like that.
>So far I haven't caught and pricing problems just extra merchandise I
didn't get and
>paid for. I also live far away and just make sure to check before I get out
of the
>parking lot.
>Okie zone 7a
>aka " Ranchmama "

After I saw your post, I checked my sales slip.  I package of bocaburgers
was priced at about a dollar more than the shelf marker.  On the other hand,
I bought two kinds of cheese and was only charged for one of them.  The
prices were pre-scanned by an employee before I reached the register.  Am I
going to make a 100 mile round trip to pay the difference?  Naaaah.  Figure
I am owed something for standing in line for so long.  

I am not completely dishonest.  When there is a mistake in my favor and I am
still in the store, I do call attention to it.

Donna, Tennessee