Re: [gardeners] Rain

penny x stamm (
Mon, 31 Jul 2000 22:58:18 -0400

George, we've gotten about 3 more inches. It's cloying  --
humid, damp, temper-tantrum weather. 

Jim has rigged a syphon.  We screw a 12 ft garden hose on to the 
cellar tub faucet, then run it out the door to the so-called well at 
the bottom of the outside stairs where the drain in the concrete 
floor is bubbling up creating the lake which is pouring over the 
8" doorsill. He attaches the end of that hose underwater to an
80 ft hose which he pulls up the stairs and then down the whole 
back yard to the wall. If I turn on the water at the sink, he can
unscrew the hoses under water, and the long hose will syphon 
that flood away from the house...  It works. 

Only problem is when the rain stops for an hour. Then the syphon
breaks. I have to be at a meeting at the Coop Extension in the
morning, but if the next deluge arrives after 9:00am, I cannot leave 
home until I can start the syphon once again with Poor James.  

Obviously, many of our roads and parkways are closed and 
flooded. I wish those in power would get on the phone and cancel
the meeting!  Drats.....

Jimmie is complaining to everyone that the bushes and shrubs are
growing right in front of his eyes. I warned him that if he gets out
there behind my back with pruning sheers, he will not even get
bread and water for a week. 

And I hate to tell you how much looks like a pack of drowned rats. 
Droop, drip, drown, die. 

8" of rain so far, with 5 more days predicted

BTW, my son just called from upstate New York near Buffalo -- 
they have the identical weather problems, and he wonders if his 
cabin will slide into the lake . . . . . 

Penny, NY

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