Re: [gardeners] Solar film

George Shirley (
Thu, 03 Aug 2000 16:31:10 -0500

I got the stuff at Home Depot. It is called Gila Designer Window Film and comes
in two or three colors, I chose Neutral Bronze.

Yeah, it would keep the sun from warming the house in the winter but our air
conditioning season is 10 or 11 months long so the pay back is better for that
reason. I only put it on the west facing windows. The east windows are shadowed
by trees and another house. Very little south sunshine gets in in the summer but
does come through a patio door in the window and warms the house somewhat. That
is just a narrow beam about big enough for our little dog to snooze in so I just
leave that big glass area alone. It does keep carpet and furniture from fading
and I don't particularly want the direct sun on either our oriental rugs or the
paintings on the wall.


Craig Watts wrote:
> George,
> Just curious as to what product and where you purchsed your film for the
> windows. My Dad had it professionally installed and he says not only does
> it keep the house cool, it keeps furniture and carpets from fadeing.
> (Won't it keep the sun from warming the house in the winter?)
> Craig Watts