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Norma what state are you located in?

If none of the family members have a interest in the cacti you could maybe sell them
to someone that belongs to a cactus group or club. A nursery might be interested in
    You can "give" them away to anyone on this list that may be interested a few at a
time to spread them around. This would involve packing them up for shipment maybe
without dirt on the roots and the person on the other end repaying the shipping
costs. This takes some trust but I have done this when someone sent some cacti and
cacti books to me they were tired of and it worked great for us. You could also sell
them shipping the plants the same way.
    Here are just a few options. Cacti are neat! I know that since he was interested
in them it almost hurts when one dies. It is almost like loosing a part of him. Silly
I know but that is the way it works sometimes. You could also get someone to teach
you more about them or just read up on them in the books I bet he had around.
    How many plants do you think need homes?

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> Gardening friends,
> my husband passed away last november and he had a large collection of cacti
> and succulents.  I do not believe I can continue to care for all these
> plants the way he did.  already I have had some casualties.
> Norma James
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