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Dorsett (
Sun, 6 Aug 2000 09:08:34 -0500


<Note: please use 's' for '$'.>

There are mailing lists for cacti enthusiasts,

Send email to:
message:  $ubscribe cacti_etc Richard M. Nixon
  (...but substitute your own name if it is not RMN.)

Then, post your message there and see what happens -- I'm sure the $ubscribers
there would quickly volunteer to help you distribute those extra plants.

I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm very glad you want to keep your husband's cacti
and succulents growing on.

 Barb in Southern Indiana  Zone 5/6
    A root is a flower that disdains fame.

> Gardening friends,
> my husband passed away last november and he had a large collection of cacti
> and succulents.  I do not believe I can continue to care for all these
> plants the way he did.  already I have had some casualties.  I want to keep
> one of everything but that leaves many more specimens.  Do any of you have
> any ideas about how to handle the distribution of these plants.  I
> appreciate your input.  And, Penny , good luck with all the water.
> Norma James
> mother to Emily(22) (cdls) and Sydney(19)