Re: [gardeners] new doors...

donna warren (
Wed, 9 Aug 2000 12:22:55 -0700

>it amazing what they want for screen doors nowadays. I'm thinking of
building my
>own for the back door. Just a plain old wood and screen door with one of those
>long springy things to keep it closed. Like we had in olden times as my
>grandkids say.
I brouse in "antique" stores.  The kind that have bad lighting and a lot of
junk.  Also go to country auctions.  I have three or four screen doors of
various sizes waiting for paint and screen.  Paid no more than $10 each.
The doors are quite heavy so suspect they are oak but have not checked that.  

May have to modify the door frame to use the odd size, but it is worth it to
have the real old (and cheap) rather than the fake old which are often way
overdone.  I have a low tolerance for cute.